The Mural

This mural was originally inspired by the resilience and rebirth our community has embodied since Hurricane Michael. She represents the planting of seeds (both literal and metaphorical, shown through the Southern Magnolia) of growth and hope. She has also come to embody any perseverance through adversity. Her title, “Still We Rise” was inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem, “Still I Rise” with a twist to encompass the strength we have as a community.

She is 100 feet wide, and about 2,000 square feet. That is not only by far my largest work of art to date, but is now the largest original art in the county. To know that I got the absolute honor and privilege to create this public work of art that holds so much significance AND adds beauty back into our city… Well it’s overwhelming.

Located on the side of the Aaron Rich Marketing building at 842 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401

The Artist

Heather Clements is an artist creating and sharing beauty with meaning. Her media have included graphite, charcoal, oils, cut paper, watercolor, and most recently, public murals. A common theme in her work is our symbiotic relationship with nature. Through her art, she hopes to move others to develop a deeper connection with their own natural surroundings. That bond encourages stronger mental health and more sustainable practices. Also an art instructor, Heather encourages anyone with the inclination to create their own art. A lifelong artist, Heather dedicates her life to art, improving mental health, and the environment.

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Special Thanks

Thanks to the support of the St Joe Community Foundation, through their grants provided to Bay Arts Alliance, we are proud to provide this meaningful artwork to the city.


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